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KTCHN, Choux de Bruxelles and Streat are by your side for any occasion, big or small. A cocktail dinner, standing buffet, seated dinners with table service or to share with your guests, hot or cold seated buffets, evening snacks, live cooking, OFYR barbecue… anything is possible at La Ferme de la Haillebaude thanks to our exceptional partners! Share your wishes and ideas with us and we’ll make sure your event is exactly as you imagined, but better!

Conceptual caterer: KTCHN

Using sustainable products that are respectful of nature, KTCHN creates a catering experience that combines local produce, plant-forward dishes and culinary innovation. KTCHN’s team offer a warm welcome and a gourmet experience: the perfect concept for your event at La Ferme de la Haillebaude. It’s all about celebrating the joy of sharing a meal together. We’ve tailored our cuisine to meet your requests: KTCHN’s dishes are made to be shared, just like at home. Our motto: enjoy the present moment! 

Discover our mouthwatering menu suggestions below.

KTCHN Food Sharing
Haillebaude Catering KTCHN Granada Plate
Haillebaude KTCHN Vegetable Buffet
Choux de Bruxelles Traiteur mariage assiette gastronomique

Events caterer:
Choux de Bruxelles

You can count on our celebrated chefs and their exceptional precision and skills. In order to delight our customers, the concepts, ingredients and flavours are constantly evolving. Weddings, cocktail parties, dinners, seminars, staff parties, christenings, first communions and rallies are just some of the events that Choux de Bruxelles’ experienced teams have catered for in style.

Food trucks: Streat

Food trucks are everywhere ! They’re the  ideal way to give your event or wedding a relaxed urban feel. You’ll love this trendy mobile dining option ! Streat offers you different cuisines from all around the world : pasta, pizza, burgers, hot dogs, baos, chirashi, woks, croquettes… Choose your food truck from our list and enjoy the delights of street food. Your guests will love it !

Streat Burger Knife
Streat Asian Food
Streat Hot Dog
Streat Fajitas

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