Reception spaces
at La Ferme de la Haillebaude

La Ferme de la Haillebaude offers some of the most beautiful countryside reception halls in Belgium. These authentic and welcoming spaces provide a unique backdrop for you to enjoy good food and great company.

Why not take advantage of our decoration service to turn them into the perfect setting for your private or professional events? 

The outdoor spaces have views of the surrounding countryside and allow young and old to enjoy cocktail dinners, summer barbecues and leisure activities. 

The vast 800m² inner courtyard at La Haillebaude allows you to host up to 300 guests.
Under the elegant timber frames of The Barn, with a surface area of 375 m², you can host 290 people for a cocktail party, and 180 for a seated dinner.
Within the 135m² of the Orangerie, you can host up to 150 people for a cocktail party, and 100 people for a seated dinner.
Haillebaude Ferme Spaces Map

The Barn

Farmhouse Hall


Terrace with countryside views

Inner courtyard


Haillebaude Barn Event Main Space

A huge hall built with local stone that boasts exceptional oak timber frames and traditional wrought-iron French windows.

Haillebaude Farmhouse Hall Table

This space used to be the main living area at La Ferme de la Haillebaude, and it offers the cosy charm of a traditional farmhouse: an open fire, an intimate rectangular layout, pretty low windows and a little boudoir where you can take the time to daydream.

Haillebaude Orangerie

Three large French windows in wrought iron punctuate this rectangular hall of 135m² which enjoys light from the south and a view of the meadow. A real treat!

Haillebaude Terrace

When leaving the Orangerie you can enjoy a beautiful blue stone terrace. It’s the perfect place for an aperitif, to enjoy tasty treats around a brazier or to warm up under cosy blankets if the weather requires it.

Haillebaude Courtyard

The farm unfolds around a vast inner courtyard of 800m², embellished with white hydrangeas and box trees. It’s the perfect place to receive your guests for a stylish cocktail party, especially for your wedding.

Pergola Wedding Event

A beautiful space for an outdoor ceremony, or simply to enjoy the shade on a sunny day.

The large car park is a very handy feature! Its large capacity allows your guests to park in the immediate vicinity of La Ferme de la Haillebaude.

Haillebaude Ferme Historical Drawing

A bit of history

According to some authors, the estate dates back to the middle ages. The property was originally known as ‘Ferme Saint-Jacques’ because
pilgrims used to stop here on their way to Santiago de Compostela (‘Saint Jacques de Compostelle’ in French). It was part of the ‘Seigneurie des Tenaules de Bonne-Espérance’, the estate which was given to the church.

In 1487, Tassart de Haynault bought this estate, which then became ‘La Haillebaude’.

Towards the end of the 18th century, it was used to grow corn and above all to raise cattle. The different stages of the construction clearly stand out.

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